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Beyond The Walls

Megatrends, Movements and Market Disruptors Transforming American Healthcare

There is a way out of the American healthcare dilemma.

From the perspective of the consumer, American healthcare is frustratingly complex, opaque, inaccessible and increasingly unaffordable. By most accounts, it continues to deliver subpar and worsening health outcomes. From the provider perspective, it is demoralizing to our physicians, nurses and the majority of healthcare workers. The experience of the past few decades has shown us that doing more of the same is not going to deliver us from this dilemma.

But there is hope. And there is a path to a better future. In Beyond the Walls, Dr. Neuwirth illustrates a 3-part strategy that can alter the dismal trajectory of American healthcare. Drawing upon his extensive experience as an industry insider and a decade of intensive research, he offers uniquely curated examples of courageous entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, and leading organizations that are transforming healthcare in America.

Dr. Neuwirth weaves together the stories of how these trailblazers are going ‘beyond-the-walls’ of a legacy healthcare system to create a more personalized, effective, and equitable system of care - a more humane healthcare system. What’s refreshing and different about this book is that it’s NOT about what’s wrong in healthcare. Instead, it’s about what’s right and what we should be doing more of. It’s an inspiring, hopeful and instructive “must-read” for anyone who wants to know how to create better healthcare in America.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization devoted to eliminating hunger nationwide.


The Honorable David J. Shulkin MD

Ninth Secretary US Department of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Zeev Neuwirth’s insightful reflections offer professional and historical perspectives on why American healthcare operates the way it does. It’s an important read for anyone working to make a difference in our system.


Scott Becker

Publisher, Becker's Healthcare

Dr. Neuwirth is one of the brightest and most constructive leaders and commentators in healthcare. He has an incredible perspective on healthcare and a positive humanistic viewpoint. It’s people like Zeev Neuwirth who give me hope that we can solve the daunting challenges in caring for 330 million Americans whose population is growing and aging. 


Roy Schoenberg

CEO & Co-founder, Amwell

Very few people exhibit Zeev's penetrating vision into our healthcare system. His insistence on getting to the 'why' instead of just reporting on the 'what' is invaluable to anyone attempting to navigate the healthcare industry.


Ruby Gadelrab

CEO & Founder, MDisrupt

Beyond the Walls is a groundbreaking analysis and brilliantly curated guide for the much needed reform in our healthcare industry. It should be read by anyone who wants to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.


Glen Tullman

CEO, Transcarent

Dr. Neuwirth challenges us to empower health consumers. He urges us not to settle for incremental changes that perpetuate the status quo, but to dismantle the barriers that have restricted innovation and disruption. ‘Beyond the Walls’ is a call-to-action to bring humanity back into our healthcare system.


Hal Paz MD

CEO StonyBrook Medicine, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences, Stony Brook University

Dr.Neuwirth provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of American healthcare, and offers practical solutions for how to transcend its limitations. This book is an essential read and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to contribute to the future of our nation’s healthcare system.


Patrick Conway MD

CEO of Care Solutions at Optum

Zeev is a foremost thinker on the American healthcare system. This book outlines the major issues and considerations driving better health outcomes and experience, at lower costs. A must read for anyone interested in value-based care in the U.S. now and in the future.


Steve Klasko MD MBA

Former President & CEO of Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

Too many books about healthcare talk about how we tear down the walls. Zeev Neuwirth’s new book takes the landmark approach of creating a better system. Read this book if you want to go beyond what’s wrong with American healthcare and want to be optimistic about where it can go!


Sean Duffy

CEO & Co-Founder of Omada Health

In Beyond the Walls, Zeev shares poignant examples of how healthcare is being transformed, and the profound benefits to patients and providers. I see this book as a wake up call for policy makers and healthcare leaders - to recognize the importance of getting beyond the walls, and to reduce the risks and barriers that our healthcare system imposes on those who seek to rehumanize it.


Robert Pearl MD

former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group & Professor at Stanford University Schools of Business & Medicine

Zeev Neuwirth has a remarkable ability to take complex healthcare changes and make them actionable. Rather than just lamenting about all that is wrong, he focuses on how people are making medical care right. And as a result, he lights a path to better health for America’s future.


Michellene Davis, Esq

President & CEO, National Medical Fellowships, Inc.

Zeev Neuwirth has given the world a gift. This new work provides us with a master view of what works and how things need to be changed in healthcare. It shines a light on proven concepts as well as some of the courageous leaders who are working to change things for the better.

Sara_Vaezy_Headshot_Providence copy

Sara Vaezy

Chief Strategy & Digital Officer, Providence

Dr. Neuwirth’s latest book presents practical approaches to transform the broken American healthcare system. The examples he shares propel us to take collective actions that go beyond the same old ways of doing things. It is an engaging and energizing read that speaks to the truth-seeker in all of us.