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Episode #126: Advanced Primary Care For All – a Healthcare Moonshot Mission – with Dr. Chris Crow, CEO & Founder of Catalyst Health Network

By Zeev Neuwirth | December 2, 2021

Friends,The focus of this interview is an approach to primary care that is divergent from the mainstream approach. It’s different in a number of ways and it’s creating outstanding outcomes for patients, payers, and providers. Our guest today, Dr. Chris…

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Episode #125: Building high-quality, cost-effective employer healthcare benefits – with David Contorno, CEO & Founder of E Powered Benefits

By Zeev Neuwirth | November 18, 2021

Friends,Our topic this week is employer-based healthcare, which accounts for nearly 50% of all the healthcare spend in the US. We’ll kick off the episode dispelling some surprising misconceptions about how healthcare insurance actually works; which exp…

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Episode #124: Reframing the dialogue from readmissions to recovery, with Yoni Shtein, CEO & Co-Founder of Laguna Health

By Zeev Neuwirth | November 2, 2021

Friends,This episode is about a domain of healthcare delivery that will undergo a fundamental transformation over the next 3 – 5 years. It is the most precarious and fragmented stage of care – post-hospital discharge and post-acute care transitions. It…

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Episode #123: A Radical Departure – Transforming Healthcare Delivery into Outcomes via a Value-based Vertical Integration – with Ken Silverstein MD

By Zeev Neuwirth | October 20, 2021

Friends,There are numerous critical healthcare reframes in this week’s episode. First, what Dr. Silverstein makes abundantly clear is that the senior leadership team at ChristianaCare is fully comitted to accelerating the shift to value based payment. …

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Episode #122: The Home is where Healthcare is Heading, with Raphael Rakowski – Founder & Executive Chairman, Medically Home

By Zeev Neuwirth | October 5, 2021

Friends,With the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous hospital systems across the country rapidly adopted the hospital at home model in an effort to deal with overcapacity.  Many systems are planning to continue this service – even after the pa…

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Episode #121: A ‘Master Class’ in building a healthcare consumer experience company – with Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman & CEO of Transcarent

By Zeev Neuwirth | September 21, 2021

Friends,This interview is about an organization that is creating a new healthcare category, and whose purpose is to solve the employer healthcare dilemma. But even more fundamental than that, they’re attempting to solve the core struggles that all heal…

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