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An award-winning and internationally recognized bi-weekly interview series for leaders interested in comprehending, connecting with, and contributing to the consumer-oriented, value-based transformation of healthcare.

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Episode #173 The ‘Data Humanity Lab’ – A Radical Contribution to Next-Gen Public Health & Health Equity with Brian Urban, MS, MBA, MPH, Director of Innovation & Emerging Markets at Finthrive

By Zeev Neuwirth | April 9, 2024

Friends, The digital/data revolution in healthcare is upon us, and amongst other things, it’s recreating public health, population health and health equity. One of the groups at the forefront of …

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Episode #172 The Perverse World of Employee Health Benefits & How Change Might Be Coming – with Chris Deacon, J.D., founder of VerSan Consulting & former Director NJ State Health Benefits Program

By Zeev Neuwirth | April 3, 2024

Friends, There are over 160 million Americans who get their health benefits through their employers. Nearly 40% of all healthcare expenditures in the U.S. is paid for by self-insured employers. …

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Episode #171 Operationalizing Love in Healthcare Organizations – with Stephanie Feals & Dr. Apurv Gupta

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 27, 2024

Friends, The number one question I get asked after my presentations and seminars is, “But Zeev, what can I do?”  Making positive humanistic change in healthcare seems daunting, if not …

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Episode #170: One Place for All Your Health & Care – with Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 13, 2024

Friends, This episode is a must-listen, not only for healthcare leaders, but for CEO’s, CFO’s and CHRO’s of every self-insured employer in the US. One of the most crippling problems …

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Episode #169: Disrupting the Inequities in American Healthcare – with Kameron Matthews MD, JD, Chief Health Officer at Cityblock Health

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 6, 2024

Friends, What most of us are unaware of is that the health of the American public is worsening in relation to other developed nations – despite having, by far, the …

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Episode #168: Going Beyond Creating a New Healthcare

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 1, 2024

Watch out folks! A new day in Creating a New Healthcare is coming…   Creating a New Healthcare has an updated look and an updated focus. Over the past six …

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