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An award-winning and internationally recognized bi-weekly interview series for leaders interested in comprehending, connecting with, and contributing to the consumer-oriented, value-based transformation of healthcare.

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Episode #170: One Place for All Your Health & Care – with Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 13, 2024

Friends, This episode is a must-listen, not only for healthcare leaders, but for CEO’s, CFO’s and CHRO’s of every self-insured employer in the US. One of the most crippling problems …

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Episode #169: Disrupting the Inequities in American Healthcare – with Kameron Matthews MD, JD, Chief Health Officer at Cityblock Health

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 6, 2024

Friends, What most of us are unaware of is that the health of the American public is worsening in relation to other developed nations – despite having, by far, the …

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Episode #168: Going Beyond Creating a New Healthcare

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 1, 2024

Watch out folks! A new day in Creating a New Healthcare is coming…   Creating a New Healthcare has an updated look and an updated focus. Over the past six …

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Episode #167: A Master Class in Humanizing the Healthcare Experience – with John Boerstler, Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Dept of Veterans Affairs

By Zeev Neuwirth | February 14, 2024

Friends, This interview should be required listening for every chief experience officer, every marketing officer, every chief medical officer and every chief executive officer in American healthcare.  Why? Because – …

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Episode #166: From Casualty to Courageous Leader – with Todd Otten MD

By Zeev Neuwirth | January 31, 2024

Friends, This is a remarkable journey – of a physician who has gone from burnout to creating positive ‘ripples of change’ in our healthcare system. He went from being a …

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Episode #165: The VA as a “test kitchen” for care transformation in US healthcare – with Dr. Cole Zanetti

By Zeev Neuwirth | January 17, 2024

Friends,   This dialogue is a Master Class in Care Transformation – likely owing to our guest’s unique background, which includes preventive medicine, public health, and clinical informatics. It should …

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