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Episode #139: Customized healthcare that actually cares for seniors – with William Shrank MD, Senior Advisor & former Chief Medical Officer at Humana

By Zeev Neuwirth | September 14, 2022

Friends, Whether you’re 25 years old or 75 years old, when you walk into primary care providers’ offices in most places across the country, the care you’ll receive is pretty …

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Episode #138: Reflections on five years of producing the ‘Creating a New Healthcare’ podcast, with Dr. Zeev Neuwirth – and special guest interviewer, Scott Becker

By Zeev Neuwirth | August 17, 2022

This is a singularly unusual and unprecedented episode. Aug 17th 2022, which is the day of the posting of this episode, is the 5th anniversary of the ‘Creating a New …

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Episode #137: The quiet revolution that is changing the healthcare landscape – with Mark Prather MD, co-founder & CEO, Dispatch Health

By Zeev Neuwirth | August 3, 2022

Friends, There is a quiet, maybe not so quiet, revolution happening in healthcare delivery. The transposition of healthcare out of the legacy bricks & mortar sites and into the home. …

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Episode #136: ‘Creating a healthcare system based on ‘what matters most to you’ – with Dr. Benjamin Kligler, Veterans Health Administration

By Zeev Neuwirth | July 13, 2022

Friends, The first interview we conducted with Ben Kligler (see episode #130) was an introduction to a game-changing humanistic inflection in healthcare delivery called ‘Whole Health’.  If you haven’t listened …

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Episode #135: Contextualizing Care – a divergent, humanistic deployment of healthcare delivery – with Saul J. Weiner MD, Alan Schwartz PhD, Alan Spiro MD & Yoni Shtein, CEO of Laguna Health

By Zeev Neuwirth | June 8, 2022

Friends, I’ve listened to this podcast multiple times, in preparation for this write-up.  Each time I listen, I learn something new and continue to be blown away by what the …

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Episode #134: A New Standard of Care: Comprehensive, Concierge-like Home-based Care for Seniors with Complex Chronic Conditions – with Michael Le MD, Co-founder of Landmark Health & Chief Medical Officer of Optum Home & Community

By Zeev Neuwirth | May 19, 2022

Friends, Our topic today is nothing less than a new standard of care for a vulnerable segment of the population that has been subjected to highly fragmented, uncoordinated and grossly …

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