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Episode #133: An ethical perspective on healthcare in America as a human right and public good – with Don Berwick MD, President Emeritus & Senior Fellow at the IHI

By Zeev Neuwirth | May 4, 2022

Friends, Our topic today is an overview of some of the most serious and consequential challenges facing our healthcare system and our public health, as shared with us by one …

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Episode #132: Beyond the Digital Front Door – a tech-enabled, comprehensive, concierge-like, health-navigator solution – with Alex Harb Founder & CEO of Lena Health

By Zeev Neuwirth | April 20, 2022

Friends, The topic today is one that is near and dear to my heart, and what I spend a fair share of my time working on. We’ll be focusing on …

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Episode #131: Solving the ‘last mile of care’ problem with a personalized care concierge platform that delivers whole person care, with Renee Dua MD & Nick Desai, co founders of Heal & Hey Renee

By Zeev Neuwirth | April 6, 2022

Friends, The focus of this interview is on recognizing and addressing one of the most ubiquitous barriers to healthcare. I’ve heard it labeled as “the last mile of care”.  What …

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Episode #130: Whole Health – ‘Changing the Conversation’ in Healthcare with Dr. Benjamin Kligler, Executive Director of the Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation, Veterans Health Administration

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 23, 2022

Friends, We open up this podcast talking about a yearning on the part of people for a different type of dialogue, interaction & relationship in the delivery of healthcare. In …

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Episode #129: The Redistribution of Healthcare through Technology with Dr. Roy Schoenberg, CEO & Cofounder of Amwell

By Zeev Neuwirth | March 2, 2022

Friends, Our guest today, Dr. Roy Schoenberg, is one of the most significant contributors and accomplished entrepreneurs in the domain of telehealth & virtual healthcare. In this episode, he’ll share …

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Episode #128: Helping healthcare systems & providers enter the digital era, with Ries Robinson MD, CEO of Graphite Health

By Zeev Neuwirth | February 16, 2022

Friends, Just about every major industry, with the exception of healthcare, has moved into the digital era. This is not my opinion alone. It is the collective perspective of the …

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