Reframe Roadmap

The Reframe Roadmap is the approach that innovative leaders and entrepreneurs are taking to create consumer-oriented healthcare delivery. It’s a simple and scalable guide to help healthcare organizations thrive in the emerging value-based market. Following the Reframe Roadmap will liberate value, humanize healthcare, and save lives.


Despite having the best and brightest providers, cutting edge medical science and technology, and nearly one-fifth of the American economy funding healthcare, U.S. healthcare outcomes are mediocre with costs that are devastating. It’s an unacceptable and unsustainable situation. To change it, we have to think and do very differently. Fortunately, there is a way. It’s the Reframe Roadmap.


In order to transform healthcare delivery, we have to discover and adapt to a new mindset or framework.


We must then redefine the situation from within that orientation and develop new challenges that guide us to develop new solutions.

Marketing Mindset

Here is where we adapt the proven essence of Marketing to understand what people want and need and how to engage them.

Rebranding calls for developing a new value proposition that is meaningful and relevant to the customers.

Equipped with a new value proposition, we can now redesign our products and services with state-of-the-art design thinking.

We must design for results that matter to our customers, with new goals and metrics.

We will need to reorganize our current structures in order to optimally deliver on the new customer-centric value and results.


Finally, we have to redirect our strategies and tactics to resource the new solutions.

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