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Dr. Neuwirth speaks to healthcare system executives and boards, industry leaders, medical societies, and national associations on how to humanize healthcare.

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But what can I do?” It’s the most frequently asked question Dr. Neuwirth hears today. Those of us that work in healthcare are desperate for a hopeful vision and viable strategy. We need evidence that a better system can and does exist. 

This is what Dr. Neuwirth brings to the table. Drawing on the real-life stories of visionary exemplars that have successfully implemented ‘beyond-the-walls’ strategies, Dr. Neuwirth brings hopefulness, proof that there is a better way, and realistic options for more humanistic strategies. His straightforward characterization of the crisis we face in healthcare coupled with his inspiring message of courageous action leave audiences with a strong sense that they can and must do something to humanize healthcare.

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Presentation Topics

The 3 Strategies Revolutionizing American Healthcare

Our healthcare system is not meeting the needs of the American public and is on an unsustainable economic course. And while legacy leadership holds onto incrementalism, there is an emerging leadership that is reframing and recreating American healthcare through three core synergistic strategies. In this informative presentation, Dr. Neuwirth illustrates how these 3 domains - digital, humanism & business model - are being deployed to transform American healthcare. It’s a journey of ‘learned hopefulness’ with dozens of real-life examples. This presentation is not about what’s wrong in American healthcare. It’s about what’s right and what leaders can and should be doing more of.

The Digital Transformation of American Healthcare

Digital tech and AI, specifically, are developing at light speed and while much has been written about both, this presentation focuses on two areas critical for healthcare leaders to understand. First - the profound positive impact that digital tech and AI is, can and will have on healthcare delivery. Second - the valid concerns and cautions about its utilization, many of which are often overlooked or underrepresented in the hype cycle of technology adaptation. Coming out of this presentation, leaders will understand the clinical, business, and operational opportunities, as well as the clinical, ethical and regulatory cautions necessary to safely deploy AI and new digital tools.

How Retail Strategy is Taking Over American Healthcare

The national retail and pharmacy chains, and what were traditionally referred to as ‘payers’ or ‘insurers’, are all vying to dominate the healthcare market. In this presentation, Dr. Neuwirth shares insights gained from over a decade of tracking these titanic disruptors. Participants will be exposed to their core strategies, business model transformations that are changing the healthcare landscape, and the headwinds and tailwinds these disruptors face. There are numerous lessons here that can be adapted by hospital systems leaders for their own benefit.

From Disrupted to Disruptor: Super Powers & Secret Sauces Saving Hospital Systems

Hospital systems are experiencing unprecedented market challenges and competitive forces that are not going to abate any time soon. Ignoring the realities of the situation or continuing on an incremental course is a recipe for stagnation and obsolescence. Many are already predicting that hospital systems will go the way of highly specialized peripheral vendors in the emerging market ecosystem. The solution? Embrace disruption. In this presentation, Dr. Neuwirth shares numerous examples of hospital systems that are leveraging their strengths through the deployment of novel partnerships and collaborations. This is an inspiring message that has immediate relevance for hospital-based leadership.

The Humanism Imperative

The reality is that American healthcare is rife with systemic racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, reductionism and industrialism. The public is becoming less trusting of industry stakeholders - from hospitals to insurers to pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers, as well as governmental agencies. Humanism is becoming the new consumerism, as increasingly empowered and informed healthcare consumers are voting with their feet and wallets. Whether one views this from an ethical perspective, a public health perspective, a personal perspective, an economic perspective, or a competitive perspective - it is imperative that we replace these legacy ‘isms’ with humanism. In this presentation Dr. Neuwirth shares replicable examples of organizations that are operationalizing and deploying humanism in the delivery of healthcare.

Reframing Healthcare for the Future

If there was ever a time to reframe healthcare, that time is now. A radically new mindset is required to rapidly advance our business and clinical delivery models. Leaders require a roadmap - a guide for leading in, through, and beyond this crisis. In this presentation, Dr. Neuwirth reveals the profound insights distilled from years of in-depth interviews with highly accomplished healthcare entrepreneurs, founders, and CEO’s - bold, courageous leaders who are successfully disrupting healthcare. The purpose of this presentation is to empower leaders and organizations to shift from being disrupted to being the disruptors.

What Medicine Must Learn from Marketing

With his unique approach to reframing healthcare, Dr. Neuwirth presents the mounting evidence for why successful legacy stakeholders and new entrant disruptors are focused on the consumerist approach. Drawing from years of research and his widely acclaimed 2019 book - Reframing Healthcare - Dr. Neuwirth shares a replicable roadmap for delivering consumer-oriented healthcare, what he coins as “the Marketing Mindset.” This talk is not about marketing healthcare - it’s about delivering healthcare from a consumerist perspective using the most sophisticated marketing frameworks, with the leadership conviction and appropriate resourcing to actually make it a reality.